Effortless Data Presentation in Vue.js A Step-by-Step Guide to Display JSON Data


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to display data from a JSON file in Vue.js:

Step 1: Set Up Your Vue Project

If you haven’t already set up a Vue project, use Vue CLI to create one.

# Install Vue CLI globally (if not installed)
npm install -g @vue/cli

# Create a new Vue project
vue create vue-json-display

Step 2: Create a JSON File

Create a JSON file (e.g., ‘data.json’) in the ‘src’ directory with some sample data.

// src/data.json

  "users": [
    { "id": 1, "name": "John Doe", "email": "john@example.com" },
    { "id": 2, "name": "Jane Doe", "email": "jane@example.com" },
    // Add more data as needed

Step 3: Create a Vue Component

Create a new component (e.g., ‘JsonDisplay.vue’) in the ‘src/components’ directory.

Step 4: Use the Component in App.vue

Use the ‘JsonDisplay’ component in your main ‘App.vue’ file.

Step 5: Run Your Vue Project

Run your Vue project to see the data from the JSON file being displayed.

npm run serve

Visit ‘http://localhost:8080’ in your browser, and you should see the user list displayed.

This example demonstrates a simple way to load data from a JSON file in Vue.js. Adjust the structure and styling based on your specific project requirements.

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